Laguna Phantom

On May 5, 1994, after intense efforts by the Neighborhood Council, with the majority support of the neighbors, the Council of Ecology and Environment of the Province of Río Negro, the National University of Comahue and numerous environmental organizations. the Municipality of San Carlos de Bariloche sanctioned Ordinance No. 332-CM-94, by which the Municipal Intangible Land was declared to the parcel with cadastral denomination 19-1P-252-01, which houses the temporary water mirror named “Laguna Phantom” (Besserra, 2006). In this way, a project that the neighbors of Villa Tres Lagos, from years before, came molding. Although it is a small area, of only 1 ha, of surface,

“Laguna Phantom” has only 1.1 hectares.

The purpose of creating this urban municipal reserve consisting of a temporary body of water, was to preserve the ecosystem composed of the lagoon and the small surrounding environment constituted by exotic and native vegetation. Perhaps its greatest contribution to conservation is to house three species of algae restricted to the Patagonian sector.
In addition to the ecological reasons for its conservation, it is evident that the preservation of the Lagoon, promoted by the Tres Lagos neighborhood that surrounds it, is of great value that its inhabitants as a component of their quality of life, element that justifies by yes legal protection.…


Those who visit its varied menu will be able to go from the typical creole dishes like lamb, chivito and roast to the grill, ribs, the great Argentine barbecue, cuts of premium quality like the tenderloin, eye of steak and the classic Bife de chorizo, and the Patagonian races. Exclusive dishes of European origin such as fondué, goulash, wild meat stews, fish from our rivers and lakes such as salmon and trout, exclusive meats from the Andean area such as boar and deer are forming a unique fusion letter in the south Argentinian.

Large patagonian tapas made with regional products and incredible tables with our exquisite smoked produce.

The great chocolate and the ice creams prepared by hand are present in the confectionery. Grapes, pears, apples, peaches and apricots are added to the Alto Valle de Río Negro region, which, together with the raspberries, strawberries, currants and fine fruits of the paralellus, stand out in the most surprising and exquisite desserts.

Our wine cellar, international cokteleria and artisan beers round off an excellent gastronomy in the most surprising Rincon of Patagonia.

Event Center
The integral organization of social and business events is another of the services offered by this restaurant. A great team of professionals is in charge of planning, designing and executing them, counting on the highest technology in gastronomic engineering, equipment, sound and lighting.…