About Us

Always present will be the memory of my parents, who at the end of the 60’s, in the canteen of the campsite “El Pinar” in Villa Gessell, began the gastronomic adventure that would eventually become my livelihood, and a very profession loved forever and for all my family.

In those years I began to learn the secrets of Dad in the art of cooking and events.
The Villa was growing, and travelers from all over the world came to disfigure the nature and delights of “Don Nicola”, famous for its milanesas and its Argentine grill.

The dream of my father had been fulfilled, with a place for 400 people in the center in which bohemians, politicians, artists and footballers extended the dinners until dawn.

In the year 81, already part of the Mazzei family , we took care of “The Tin of the Uncle”, and from then our goal was to travel and to know other gastronomic customs. Between the sea and the mountain was our future, we just had to choose the place to dump all our knowledge and work for the good times of life as our parents did.

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