The 3 Best Waikiki Dinner Cruises Reviewed

The island of Hawaii is well known for its amazing food, tropical drinks and its being, overall, a very fun place to visit. It is also difficult to keep your eyes focused solely on your partner throughout the entire trip as it is easy to lose yourself in admiration of the rich culture and beauty that fills this piece of nature’s wonder. Now one way you can actually settle down, (while being entertained), with your partner to actually share a sweet-sweet moment together is by going on a Waikiki dinner cruise. Today, we’ve taken the time to embark on an epic journey to find the top 3 Dinner Cruises that are just bound to make your night in Oahu all the more magical.

Which Sunset Dinner Cruise Are the Best?

1. Star Sunset Dinner Cruise and Show ($90.51)

Finding its way to the top of the list is a cruise which comes along with a ticket to ride on the fabled Star, a breathtaking 1500-passenger cruise ship which measures up to 232-foot in length. It is the largest of its kind in Oahu …and you get to ride on it!

Aboard the star, you’re treated to a 2-hour breathtaking but relaxing journey across the great ocean right around Diamond Head. On Friday nights, the 5:30pm-7: 30 pm custom departure and return times are extended by an hour; giving you a chance to see the beautiful display of fireworks. All decks on the dinner cruise ship are stacked with bars and 6 beautiful rooms. Now through the nights do tend to get a little chilly at times, you can rest your head knowing full well that you’re in safe hands, as the ship has three stabilizers and is also A.D.A certified.

2. Honolulu City Lights Sunset Dinner Cruise ($119)

The dinner cruise tailored specifically for visitors of the beautiful city of Honolulu. It sets to sail at the same time as the star of Honolulu every day and the package comes along with complimentary transportation to-and-fro some select hotels located in the Waikiki vicinity.

On this cruise you’ll get to feel the warmth of the evening sun on your skin, feel the rush of air through your hair and also enjoy the fantastic view of the Waikiki coastline along with its skyline and decorative lights. The icing on the cake is the view of the sunset which you get to see, sometimes around 7:30 (mostly mid-year).

On the large dinner cruise ship, you’ll also get plenty of room and opportunities to steal dazzling selfies with your Smartphone. In the end, whether you’d love to party or prefer to share some quality time with your beloved, (yes I know it sounds cheesy), you’ll get the chance to do so – on the Sunset Cruise.

3. Pacific Star Sunset Dinner Cruise ($97)

The Pacific Rim awaits you as you dine on your private table, fully enveloped in the dynamic tropical backdrop of the Oahu sunset. Enjoy the aerial fireworks on Friday as well, while floating gently across the ocean with contemporary music playing in the background, as you sip on the Pacific Star’s signature Mai Tai in your hand. The view is extra special on this particular dinner cruise as you get to do all of this on the observation deck (which happens to be 60 feet tall) while exploring the vast array of exotic wines and choice buffet prepared to serve every desire of your taste buds.

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